Friday, November 5

Minki Imposter!

A baby will be born into our family soon. And it's not mine! 

My brother and his wife are having their baby around New Year and there is much excitement surrounding the arrival of Baby Carr.

For those who follow, my first attempt at a softie, Nadia the rag-doll, was a special gift for my sister in law who's dream of having a baby is finally coming true!

I am buzzing with creativity about all of the great things I can make, but without knowing the gender of the baby it has been very hard to go too crazy. 

The room has been painted green and so with that in mind I went web surfing to be inspired and check out what's out there.

I came across these beautiful creations from Minki & Me and just loved them. However it seems that these days most people know the gender of their child and thus there are not many options for a uni-sex colour scheme.

And so I decided to have a go and make one myself - using green! The whole Minki phenomenon revolves around the soft, plush texture of 
their fabrics and in trying to keep 
true to that, I choose a white quilting 
chenille with a stretchy, polka-dot, t-shirt fabric.

The ribbons are an added texture and tactile effect for baby and really finish the blanket so well. I made a large cot size one that will double as a great travel blanket for the stoller and a small ruggie size one. Minki & Me have some great Minki sizes, styles and fabrics to choose from and a range of other products. Check out their new website

Can't wait to steal some more sewing time soon.


  1. You are so talented Bec, i wish i had the gifts to do that sort of thing. Mia

  2. completely gorgeous, lucky bub.
    we painted out nursery green the first time too, it was so calming for me as well as the little girl that arrived..

  3. Hi Amber here from minki&me, I am so glad you took the time to blog about us! Your set looks stunning WELL DONE! It is so very hard to find gorgeous fabrics for unisex. I am glad your sister-in-law will be able to cherish it. Handmade is made with so much love! <3

    Take Care and have a nice day
    Amber xo