Sunday, May 2

"Nadia" the ragdoll.

Everyone, this is Nadia.

She is my first attempt at a softie or any handmade toy for that matter.

She has brown hair tied up in plaits, a red pinafore dress with frills around the arms and two checked buttons.

She is a true ragdoll in the sense that all her limbs and head are seperate from her body which means she needs some help to sit up without her head flopping forward.
Very unlady like!

She is a gift for someone,  someone who longs for the gift of children. Nadia will sit on this someone's bed and wait for the shrill of children's laughter to fill the halls of that someone's house. She will wait and be a sign of hope. Because Nadia means "Hope" and because we all know a someone who needs the gift of love.

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