Thursday, October 21

Spring has Sprung!

I planted this living Ti-Pee 2 years ago and now it is in full bloom. The Star Jazmin smells amazing and is cascading all over the frame, made from bamboo.

The kids love to hide in there and now that the coverage is starting to thicken up it has become a favourite spot for both of them and also for our cat George.
I have waited so long to see it come into full bloom and cover the whole Ti-Pee, and now that spring has sprung it was certainly worth the wait. And the smell is just divine!

It was constructed using a bag of bamboo sticks from Bunnings, pushed into the ground in an arc, and tied together at the top with wire. I planted 3 plants around the base and slowly but surely trained the plant up the bamboo. A very easy and effective feature in any garden.

1 comment:

  1. Wow it has grown so much! And I can just imagine the smell... oh so good!