Thursday, February 2

60's House: The fence that we built.

There has been many a night or even morn, that I have gone out the front door
in my dressing gown to put something in the wheelie bin only to discover that 
the peak hour traffic or group of teens getting off the bus have seen me. 
And with the main road RIGHT THERE it's no wonder.

And so we built a fence.

Luke in all his amazing wisdom had the plan, set it out and then
executed it brilliantly. He is actually very good at this building thing . . .
pity he hates it so much! Mind you the satisfaction at the end is worth it!
He has done a lot of standing with hands on hips looking at it.

So here it goes  . . . from start to finish.

 Top tips for building a fence:
* Do "dial before you dig" - get the amenities and boundary plans for your property
so you know where the electrical / water and sewerage runs
and so you don't build it on your neighbour's land.

*Mark it all out. Walk it. Visualize it. 
Ask other people what they think.

*Get one of those motorized hole digging machines.
It will save your back and your marriage.

*Ask for help.
We could not have done this without 
Luke's family.

*If you do want to paint your fence, wait for 
the graffiti to happen first!

The mango smoothie I made for Luke upon the triumphant completion.

*Have lots of cold beverages ready.
This is thirsty work.

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