Sunday, January 22

One more sleep . . .

Are you ready for back to school?

I am feeling sort-of okay.

There is still washing to be done. There is still clothes to go away.

But here is what I did today.

Started with a big breaky - french toast and coffee.

Went shopping for last minutes stocks and found these cute yoghurt coolers.

You put the whole thing in the freezer - it's like a squidgy freezer bag 
and it keeps your yoghurt tub cold.

I labeled shirts, shorts, undies, socks, hats lunch boxes, bags and drink bottles.
Now no-one will loose anything  . . . ever!

I then ironed said shirts, shorts, socks, undies, hats etc.
Kidding  . . . I do NOT iron socks or undies or hats!

 I cleaned out the bags, filled them with
freshly covered books and spare clothes.

I then sat down and made yet another set of kindy sheets. 
I have three now, two others which are apparently the wrong size!
Just lucky I guess that I have a large stock of material on hand.

After some lunch I took the new Liquid Chalk Pen 
I bought last week and made a plan.

After moving house and loosing my black cat that was
secret weapon in the battle of the family dinner wars 
I was feeling beat down and un-prepared.

So with the help of the board that stands beside the fridge -
a slinky black laminate surface and my new Liquid Chalk Pen,
dinner will be won this week. 

Seriously though - get one of these pens!
It's also VERY COOL.

And here's to hoping you are feeling sort-of okay about tomorrow too!

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