Sunday, February 12

How Time Flies!

We have been busy with birthdays and party's and eating and celebrating.

First there was Australia Day: 
A chance to sit and enjoy eating breakfast together.

Kids breakfast  . . .

Mummy and Daddy breakfast.

Then the little boy turned into a big birthday boy and turned 6!

His drawing is getting better too! 
This one reflects how smitten he was with the Batman Lego Wii game he got.

Then it was my turn for a birthday.

I had a wonderful day filled with surprise cakes, 
handmade cards, lovely earrings and perfume
and dinner out with Luke.

I also got this beautiful cookbook from 
my brother and sister in law . . .

 And a 12 month subscription to Frankie Magazine 
[from Luke] arrived just in time.

And seeing as time is flying away, I am defiantely going to order a pair of 
these adorable mittens I found in Frankie; while my kids still love to hold hands. 
Cause one day soon  . . . NO don't think about it!

Are they not the cutest thing! An adult size mitten with a kids size one sewn into it!

Find them here.

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