Saturday, January 14

While the cat's away!

So with a new year comes new beginnings and mine has been the start of a new job.

I have gone from a church based role to a office based role 
and am now working 4 days a week.

This has meant that while the kids are still on school holidays 
daddy has stayed home to look after them while
mummy goes to the office.

And this is what happens when mummy is away.

 Daddy gets creative with face paint . . .

and then Rosie get's creative with face paint . . . and the camera.

We take trips and go to exciting places.

Spotty sticker fun at GoMA.

Then we meet mummy after work for some dinner 
and then dessert at Max Brenner.

Lots of painting; just generally doing things mummy says are too messy.

One full week makes for two tired kids . . .
and one super great daddy.

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