Monday, October 17

Bedside Table.

Mundane I know, but somehow very insightful.

This is what lies on my bedside table.

1 pump pack of MoroccanOil [amazing for unruly hair]
1 Book - "Designs of the 20th Century" [reading to help with the renos]
1 "Dusk" candle [a gift from a neighbour]
1 set of pedestal fan instructions [summer is coming]
1 wrist watch [an oversized man watch to keep me on my toes]
1 large "Tree of Life" bangle
Lego [it is in fact all around the house]
1 box containing "L'Occitane" cooling foot gel [just divine - a gift from Luke]
1 box of tissues [and inevitably the used ones beside it]
1 bottle of "Olay" moisturising lotion [I am 31 now so those fine lines are creeping in]
1 cardboard box of important junk from our move
1 bottle of nail polish remover
1 pair of dangley earrings
1 Rosie hair tie

So what does all that personal stuff say about me?

What is on your beside table?

I would love to know!


  1. No bedside table - the spot is taken by a portable air conditioner (summer is coming, as you say.)

  2. I think your 'stuff' says "I'm a do-er, I'm a Mum, but I'm still a pretty lady" ;-)
    My bedside table has a lamp and a pile of books. I think that says "You don't spend nearly enough time in bed"!