Monday, October 24

How to paint a house in a day!

Well not quite the whole house but close to it.

We really had no choice about how 
we would paint our ceiling in the lounge and dinning
as it is made from molded plaster.

This ceiling would have been espeically made for this space 
and the molding is very decorative and specific to the 60's era.

You could not use a roller, it would not get into all the little bumps,
and you would be there for months doing it with a brush so we 
hired a paint sprayer from City Hire at Kelvin Grove.

This machine pumps the paint out of the tin, 
through a hose and is attached to a spray gun 
that gives a light spray of paint.

It does a great job of painting large spaces with 
maximum efficiency and as long as you are using
the same colour throughout, it will cover ceilings 
and walls in no time at all.

What time you save in actually painting 
is no doubt taken up in the preparation.

As I am quickly learning, 
the art to a great paint job is all 
about the prep work you do.
And there is heaps!

The puttying and sanding, 
filling cracks with "no more gaps",
filling the nail holes and sanding them,
wiping and washing the walls, 
covering the windows and other fixtures with plastic,
Taking the light fittings off.
The list goes on.

 To get these rooms ready to paint has taken well over a week. 

This is so not my favourite part.

I much prefer the shopping bit!

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