Sunday, September 18

Good Friends and Good Food - Sirromet Winery

Well after almost 9 months we finally did it.
We found a weekend to take our good friends out for lunch
and honour our Christmas present to them from last year.

We wanted to give them a gift that meant we got to spend some 
time with them, some quality, child free time. With food of course.

So last Christmas Luke and I gave our good friends Baz and Laura 
the menu to Sirromet Winery and said we would find a mutually suitable 
time to go out for a three course lunch. And today was the day.

We drove out to Sirromet and sat in a beautiful open space overlooking the vineyard.

Laura's three cheese tart was very pretty on the plate.

 My chicken, kipfler potato, chorizo and haloumi dish was pretty tasty.

 Luke's brandy basket with raspberry sorbet and spun sugar looked very impressive,
but turned out to be impractical to eat when you have a beard the same 
colour as spun sugar.

 My dessert was my favourite - Creme Brulee 
[yes there was a crunchy glaze to crack into, it just had a wafer thing on top]

 And I do believe this is where our bottle of Sirromet Pinot Gris came from.

It was lovely to take the time out, although it did take us most of the year,
and do something a little different together.
To spend time talking and enjoying the company of good friends.

We should do it more often.

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