Wednesday, September 21

Painting the Moon.

My husband Luke recently came home 
with this beautiful book entitled, "Eli, No!".
We read it with glee and laughed at how much 
this naughty dog actually sounded like our Eli.

It begins, "Eli is a good dog, but sometimes bad."
"What do we say when we get mad? Eli, No!"
And continues, "When he hogs the bed? Eli, No!"
"When he doesn't play nice? Eli, No!"

After we read it for the tenth time, I began to
find some inspiration in the stylized bold pictures 
and found the page that would become the vision
for the kids bedroom in our new house.

This page, with it's simple shapes and bold colours 
was just the right backdrop for the "sleeptime"
message I want to send my kids as they go to 
bed in their new room.

So we set about prepping the walls. All hands on deck.

Then added the beautiful blue colour. 
Making sure we left the stenciled shapes white - 
so we didn't have to fight the blue colour later!

The room began to take shape. 
And almost 3 coats of paint later . . .

It's almost done! Just some fine brush work 
and a bit of glow in the dark paint around 
the edge of the shapes and it will be a room 
fit for my two lovely, well rested children.

It's good to know that a good story can still be inspiring!

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