Saturday, September 10

New friends & the George Nelson Lights.

While trolling through Ebay looking for pieces to put in the 60's house, I came across a seller that had a quirky little store in Lutwyche, called the Click Clack Lounge.

Intrigued by it's name I went this week to check it out.

 I found this wonderful little store, full of charm and mid-century items.

I also met Karie [who lives and loves all things vintage] 
and was super helpful and excited about our little project.

She was also very helpful in identifying our lovely but
dusty old lights that hung above the fire place.
They are made of such a strange material I was
completely miffed as to how I would / should clean them.

Karie, after some research, discovered that they are infact George Nelson Lights,
which didn't really mean anything to me so here is what
I discovered after some research:

George Nelson (1908–1986) was one of the founders of American Modernism
along with Charles and Ray Eames. He designed furniture for the iconic
mid-century designer Herman Miller.

The George Nelson-produced Herman Miller Catalog started a collaboration that would result in some of the most famous home furnishings of the past century.

George Nelson Associates, also designed a large series of wall and table clocks for the Howard Miller company, as well as a range of hanging Bubble Lamps, which had plastic membrane-covered wire-form shades.

"Most people think that George Nelson, Charles Eames and Eliot Noyes invented industrial design. That is, of course, an exaggeration. George did it without any assistance from the other two." -- Bill N. Lacy, FAIA 

[Excerpts taken from Wikipedia]

 So this weekend we spent some time cleaning them, taking extra special care
because we know now just how extra special [and expensive] they are.


  1. Ooooooo! WOW! Make sure you post some pics when they're all clean!

  2. George Nelson bubble lamps are so cool! In fact this week they were on The Renovators! How exciting for you Bec! Hope they come up nice!