Tuesday, August 2

Travel with kids - My lifesavers

My wonderful, internet connected, nerdy husband found these great kids travel products online a while ago and although I thought at the time they were a good idea, 
I did not realise how much easier they make life when you travel with kids.

This is the Trunki - Ride On.

 It can take a surprising amount of stuff and the best part is they can be pulled through 
airports and train stations and when they want to the kids can use their feet to push.

This is the Trunk - BoostaPack

Its a backpack that is also a boosta seat.
The seat only meets European safety standards but as we were traveling in Europe 
this was not an issue for us. However it would still be safer for a young child to sit in
this seat in an emergency than not. And as our regulations have changed so that 
kids have to be in a boost a seat til they are 7 years old, I'll be keeping it on hand
for the odd time we need it.

It can take a small load and then neatly folds up to become
the backpack. I must say it is very comfortable to wear,
and great to pack up for a day trip when you are away.

I cannot sing the praises enough of these two products and
it made transferring flights easy and effortless.
Also it was a great head turner - so many people stopped us and 
asked where we got them from.

Check them out here

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