Thursday, August 11


Well as of tomorrow we are officially "Homeless".

Our Townhouse settles tomorrow and the new place settles on Monday.
So for an entire weekend we will officially not own a home.
This is, in someways, very freeing; with 2 whole days to not have to pay a mortgage.
And in other ways it's sad to let go of the old and scary to move on with the new.

The funny thing is that without the bricks and mortar I don't feel homeless at all.
In fact moving in with the "in laws" has been easy and seamless and wonderful.
The adult to child ratio has increased dramatically.
Dinner is being cooked a couple of nights a week for me.
There is someone around so I can leave Rosie while I do 
school pick up if she is still having an afternoon nap.

It is for the most part a wonderful arrangement. 
I actually feel quite "at home". 
Mind you I do have the best parent's in law in the entire world.

I can really see why most of the animal kingdom and
some of the human one lives in large family packs and tribes. 
It really is easier and lovely to raise children and live in a village.


  1. 3 cheers for the world's greatest in-laws! But seriously, this is something I've pondered for a long time, particularly coming from an ethic background where living in tribes, villages and packs is the norm. There are lots of words not in the cultural vocabulary, like 'Moving out' or 'childcare'. Of course there's lots of practicalities to be considered in our western lives which are very different, but it's certainly an interesting discussion to have. Thanks for raising it. rach x

  2. Community is a wonderful thing :-) Many congratulations on your new home too!