Sunday, August 14

Ten things to do in Paris: Blake Style.

#1: Put on your best dress and find your favourite good shirt. 
You must dress for the occasion.

# 2: Find a fancy restaurant and eat some fine french cuisine 
with good company. 

# 2[a]: At that said restaurant do a spontaneous dance number.

# 3: Enjoy the long evenings with a twilight walk in the city.

# 4: Have a roll in the grass in the park.

# 5: Grab a yummy Gelato, mango, melon or tiramisu flavour.

# 6:  Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

# 7: Have a cuddle in the city of love.

# 8: Take in the cultural sights.

# 8[a]: Be the cultural sight.

# 9: Take in some of the less well known sights.

# 10:  Enjoy some time to relax and be yourself.