Tuesday, May 17

This Place.

This place has been our home for over 9 years now.
Our first home, the place we came home to the day we were married.
The place our two babies came home to just days after their birth.
The place of love, pain, birthdays, sickness, comfort, peace,
worry, mess, noise and a mirad of smells -
most good.

It has seen many joys, many tears, much laughter 
and the odd screaming fight or tantrum.

And now we are moving on.
Living in a limbo land of ours but not for long,
keeping it tidy but for someone else,
packing up to unpack & display in another house.

I had a moment the other day as I walked back down the driveway
bringing the bins in and felt that surreal out of body experience 
that takes you to another place.

It was a place that looked very different, 
it was this place before I had been there.
And then I realised that I am leaving it
better than I found it.
I have renovated, cleaned, 
planted, trimmed and organised.

And that is all that I can ask of myself really.
That after 9 years I might have spent some time,
energy and money making my patch better.


  1. Lovely post Bec, you do have the house looking breautiful. Where are you guys moving too? I completely understand that 'in-between limbo feeling'.

  2. Yep, the place sure looks amazing! You have done an outstanding job, and I think the new owners will be ever so happy in this loved up home. Here's hoping that all your energy and laughter and fun times will seep through the walls and invade their lives, even after you go :-) And I can't WAIT to see your next project!