Saturday, May 7

Feeling great for 100 years old!

When I picked Eli up on Friday from Prep,
the other mothers and I were having a chat as the 
kids played on the playground.

One of us rummaged through a backpack to find
a tidy parcel all wrapped up with this blurb on the front.

Soon we had all found ours and we had a great laugh reading them out 
and comparing our kids versions of our lives.

Tia's mum, was mortified that she was described as 39 years old
when really she is much younger, Lachlan's mum had 3 years added to her age 
and all she does is "lay on the couch."

And then I read out Eli's version and mine took the cake.
Apparently I'm 100! And looking good!
Also noodles and pasta are Eli's favourite foods.
And I do not own a yellow top hat.

I must say, the teacher and teacher aids who 
sat and wrote out each child's "story" 
would have laughed hard too. 

If only life were as simple as it seems through their eyes.

Happy Mother's Day.


  1. Hilarious! I especially love the more than one reference to your beloved hair! Elara did one of these for me last year. I was also the oldest mum there, at 64 years of age. Apparently I LOVE to do grocery shopping and drink lemonade, and I watch the cricket all the time :-) It's a keeper!

  2. It is just amazing the way little minds think. So cute!