Sunday, May 29

Not just Ribena.

I served up a Ribena drink today at lunch.
We have never had it before so I thought it would be 
a treat for the kids, but Eli protested.

"Why are we drinking this?"

"Why are we drinking Jesus blood for lunch?"
I could only laugh. Once a P.K always a P.K I suppose.
[P.K is an "in" term for Pastor's Kid] and as a church based Youth Worker,
I guess that's the predicament we find ourselves in.

I have always been careful not to force my belief's 
on anyone including my kids.
They will always have a choice about what they believe.
So I know that Elijah's interest and questioning is genuine.
He wants to know about Communion and Church and God.

And today he wanted to know why we were 
drinking Jesus blood at lunch time?

What to say?

It's not really Jesus blood.
We just pretend as a way to remember.
It's a symbol . . . whatever that means.
It's a strange tradition of the church?

Not only do I need a psychology degree to raise these kids
but now I need a theological degree too!


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  1. How thoughful of him! And yes, it does seem like parenting requires many degrees!