Tuesday, May 31

The Big Trip.

 Elijah has long been intrigued by foreign lands and the Eiffel Tower 
in France has always held some mystical fascination for him. 
He loves to get Nanna Jill to re-tell the story of how she climbed to the top.

And with our O.S trip just over a month away the kids have 
been talking about all things "oh gay Paree". 
This book was a birthday present for Rosie 
from my sister so we could not only fall in love 
with Madeline but see the sites of Paris in the story.

I remember watching the show when I was little 
and I totally enjoy reading the obscure rhymes with the kids. 
They especially love the part that goes,
"And to the tiger in the zoo,
Madeline just said Pooh Pooh."

There is even a page that tells of all the sites featured in the 
story and if we have time we might just take a "Madeline tour" 
and check them out.

It has been wonderful so far to watch Eli and Rosie 
dream of all the possiblities that this globe represents. 
I truly hope that they are inspired to love to travel and explore new places.
The world is indeed your oyster my babies.

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  1. I remember Madeline as a child too. Watching the tv show and reading the books. I loved them too.