Saturday, April 30

Rings are funny things . . .

Along with 2 billion others around the globe,
I sat with a group of girlfriends and watched the royal wedding.

It was beautiful and wonderful. I loved the trees in the church.
I loved that the only bridesmaid, Kate's sister Pippa, didn't have flowers to hold -
instead she held the hands of the children to lead them down the aisle.
I loved that gifts came in the form of donations to charities of the givers choosing.
I loved it all.

I had a little chuckle too, 
like we all did when in the exchanging of rings, 
it almost didn't fit.

Which got me thinking about the rings that I wear as a symbol of the vows that I took.
I looked down at my own hand and wondered,not just about the fit, but the order and placement too.I realized that the wedding band goes on first and is kept in place by the engagement ring. To remind me that the marriage is held together by the romance and the hope of new love. The kind we felt when first decided that we should spend the rest of our lives together.

As I am sure these two have felt.
They seem so genuine.
So hopeful of their future in spite of the scrutiny.

And I am hopeful for them too.
That they will allow the romance, joy 
and hope of their engagement to permeate
and hold their marriage together.
Good luck, and I pray that what God has 
joined together may no one separate.

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