Wednesday, February 23

Darling little Doilies.

Recenlty my Nan and Pop have needed to upgrade their care, 
and made the move to a Nursing Home.

As my Mum went through all their belongings to try and downsize,
she came across a stash of beautiful doilies. 
She let me have the whole lot, cause I was so excited about
what I could do with them.

Pretty additions to singlets for little girls 
and big girls too.

This size 1 singlet is part of the pile of crafty things I have been 
making for my friend Katherine's Esty Store. 
She is creating the store to help a missionary couple with raising funds
for their trip to China to work in an Orphanage. 
Check out her amazing blog and all her wonderful 
crafty creations here, and all about the Esty store here.

I will keep you posted about the store, 
and let you know when it opens!


  1. wow, bec. these are gorgeous. Have you thought about having an etsy store yourself??
    rach x

  2. Ahhhh! So excited. I love these. You'll have to think of a cool name for them. Something in your Nan's honour maybe???
    Thankyou for the rap too :)