Monday, December 20

12 Days of a Crafty Christmas.

The Nineth Day of a Crafty Christmas: The Santa Experience?

This year we have had many visits to see Santa at the shops 
as well as a trip into the city to check out the Christmas lights. 
Both of the kids are really into it and Rosie
seems to be over her fear of Santa.

Eli has never been afraid but last year Rosie put on a huge turn
and screamed whenever we saw a Santa let alone went near him.
She is still a little apprehensive though and will not sit on his lap . . .
fair enough really, he is a strange creepy old dude so if she is 
going to make a stand about not sitting on the lap of a strange
old man, good on her!

I always think it's weird that we make such a deal about not 
talking to strangers and not accepting lollies from people you don't know
yet once a year we line up for hours to plonk our kids on the lap of 
a man we have never met! 

I also found it funny, that when we visited the Myer Centre to ride on
the Santa Express train, I made a joke with Luke that it would be easy for
their to nothing beyond the exterior of the train set, 
and I wondered what was behind the walls as my two kids drove out of view.

Later when Luke asked Eli, "what was behind there?"
He replied, "just a big white wall."
Arrgghh, the things we do.

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  1. Whoo hoo. We are going to see the windows and take a train ride in the city tomorrow. Not a chance, though, of my girls wanting to sit with Santa either. It's such a cute photo of Eli and Rosie!