Sunday, October 10

Italian "Segafredo" Bliss!

My attempt at a Segafredo. 
So thick you will need a spoon to eat it!

After trying a traditional Italian hot chocolate many years ago, 
I have never forgotten the pleasure. 
The "Segafredo" is a thick, rich delight.
 Not many normal cafe's or coffee places serve it, 
but I have found the odd few; one in Melbourne 
and most recently at Vinnie's at Newmarket. 
If you come across a traditional Italian Tratoria or cafe, 
ask for one - you won't regret it!

So in this wet and dreary weather I tried to make one at home. 
I found this receipe and it is pretty darn good.
Try it for yourself and see what I mean, 
it is definately something to try before you die!

Makes 2 rather big cups

4 tblsp high quality cocoa powder
3-4 tblsp sugar 3 tblsp corn flour
400 ml milk

- Mix cocoa, sugar and corn starch very well.
- Pour milk into a pan and then add the 
  dry ingredients while you whisk.
- Bring to the boil under constant stirring 
  until it has reached the desired density.
- Drink and enjoy!

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