Tuesday, June 29

A Hooded Cape for Eli the Jedi.

Elijah has long been a fan of Star Wars and while this comes from the very bias influence of his father, Eli is gueninely obsessed with all things Star Wars. He loves Daddy's Star Wars Lego, the movies [and like all die-hard fans thinks the original ones are better], the books and yes, those lightsabers. He can make a lightsaber out of anything, even a french fry from maccas and he loves to dress up - using just about anything for a cape. He always comes back to one of Rosie's cloth nappies she uses as a blankie but has tried his dressing gown, a tea towel, bath towels, blankets and scarves. 

So when I decided to make a hooded cape for Rosie, 
 after falling in love with this one my friend Katherine 
made for her little one India, Eli could not be left out of the equation. Check out her efforts at:


His is lined with black fabric so if he feels the need he can turn it inside out and be Darth Vader too. Rosie's is coming soon, but I am always making things for her, so I thought it was time for Eli man to get a look in. He hasn't quite worked out where his hands should go yet. 
So cute watching him spin around and check to see if it flaps and flies. 
Watch out Yoda, you might just have another young Jedi in the ranks!

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  1. Very authentic looking Bec. He looks fantastic in it well done.