Tuesday, July 27

Where o where have my dear blogs gone?

Not only am I a blogger but I am a committed blog reader and it makes my week to sit down at night when the house is quiet and troll through my favourite sites [with a hot cup of tea] and see what they have been up to in the last week or so.

But alas my reading has become a little lighter of late with not one but two of my favourite sites shutting up shop and ceasing to blog. "Katie Did" a wonderful, talented mum of 3 living in New York has one of the best blogs I have ever seen. Her site has ceased to be update due to someone stealing her pics and content and claiming to be her! Weird. She was heartbroken, angry and confused. As well she should be, someone else stealing pics of your children and claiming that they belong to them is just not on! Still I am sad she is not sharing her beautiful and creative life anymore. Check it out and see for yourself. http://katiedid.squarespace.com/

And now in the last few days I have discovered another!

Ruffles and Stuff has gone too! Disney - a mum of a very cute little girl, had some fantastic crafty tutorials that were easy to follow and fun to make. I so enjoyed her blog for it's quick projects that took no time at all to whip up. So so sad, she will be missed.

SO what is up with these wonderful women feeling so violated that they cannot share their lives anymore? What has happend out there is cyberspace that we are no longer able to share our creativity without fear? I for one am confused. Sad and confused.

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