Monday, May 10

A New Necklace

We found ourselves with some rare family time during Monday's public holiday for Labor Day. So while Luke and Eli made yummy picklets, Rosie and I got creative. 

We started with some lace, buttons and beads. I love watching Rosie's chubby fingers searching through each one finding her favourites. 
So while I threaded the beads on, she chose the next bead or button to go on her necklace. She has been very excited about necklaces and bangles, shoes and hats, handbags and sunglasses. She loves the basket with all her hair clips and ribbons in it, such a girl!

This is the final result. She loves it.

And we all enjoyed the picklets. So cute, made into fun shapes with cookie cutters, by master chef Eli and his apprentice Daddy Luke.

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