Monday, May 10

Beautiful Beads

During one of my many trips to Spotlight, I discovered how affordable their beads and jewlery supplies are.

I chose two packets of beads, the metal lookings ones as well as the black ovals each for under $5.00 and the piece of thin leather for threading for under $3.00. 

Simply thread the beads on and tie each one off with a small knot to stop it moving around. The end result is quite effective and this eye catching piece might have made a great gift, but I liked it too much to give it away! 

The next project was to create something special for my sister in law Michelle. She is a classy girl so what better than a new take on the traditional string of pearls. 

These beads, again from Spotlight, are threaded onto an organza ribbon, one each side of the ribbon. 

It is very effective and so super easy to do.
I can just imagine this on a bride. So pretty.

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