Sunday, May 2

The "Transformer" Dress.

I picked up this great dress ages ago, from the markets; a very clever lady was selling these cute dresses / smocks that are reversable. At the time I thought "I can use this as a pattern and make heaps more of these" but alas I didn't.
Rosie wore this to death and it hasn't fitted her for 6 months to a year, so I thought it was time to try copying the pattern and make one that was not only bigger but a winter version. 
It is a very simple design - 
1 front piece, and two sides that fold over one another at the back and attach back to the tabs on the shoulders.

So after adding bulk to the pattern to take it up a size or two, I cut out my fabric 
[ a beautiful grey felt, 
and black and white polka-dots] 
and got sewing.

Because the dress ends up being reversable you just sew the two peices of fabric together, no ironing hems over, or overlocking.

The end result is a smart, winter pinafore that turns into a cute spotty dress. It looks great with tights [so in right now!] or over jeans and a top!

Eli was so impressed - "it's just like Optimus Prime mum, like a tramformer dress!"
So come this morning, as we got ready for church, there was not the usual fight about what wear. Hooray!

They both looked so cute, dressed up all warm and snuggly as the weather gets cooler. Pity we are stinking hot by 9:30am!


  1. Oh this looks great! I'm glad you actually made something with the pattern...I'm always buying clothes with the intention of remaking them too. Eli and Rosie look so cute here!

  2. I do especially love the picture of the 2 of them together