Saturday, October 31

Market bounty!

Each fortnight I make a trip to the beautiful West End markets to buy the freshest fruit and vegies ever. There are heaps of other great things too, craft vintage clothes, baby things, food, coffee, fudge, cheese and so much more. I make the trip across town with my wonderful sister in law Michelle and we have a great morning chatting and soaking up the sites and smells of the open air market atmosphere. Depending on what our family needs each week, my haul is sometimes larger than this one, but it really goes to show how much you can get for your money. This delicious pile cost a meager $13.45! That is for:
1/4 Pumpkin
1/4 Watermelon
2 ears of Corn 
7 juicy Roma Tomatoes
5 Royal Gala Apples
5 Brown Onions
1 Rockmelon
9 Cavendish Bananas 
6 Lady Finger Bananas
[The stable diet of any toddler is the humble nanna]
We go each fortnight cause the food lasts that long in the fridge. Often I have vegies left
that are still good from 2 and a half weeks ago. 
It doesn't sit in a cold room for months before you buy it. 
And now after eating fresh I have to say "Sorry Woolworths, goodbye Coles I can never return."

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