Friday, January 11

On the Land.

During the Christmas break it was wonderful to pack up and take a drive.

We headed out to Warwick, driving south-west from Brisbane for just over 2 hours.

The kids are really great at this, they love to look out the window, 
play eye spy and count the windmills.
No need for DVD players in our car.

We saw white cows, black and white spotty cows and brown cows.

We saw termite mounts and tractors.

We spotted, emus, sheep, goats, horses, wallabies and  alpacas.
And when we arrived at "Uncle Mark's" house there were more treasures.

This grand house on the outskirts of Warwick, that Mark -
Thommy's brother [Luke's Uncle] is building. 
A beautiful site, sitting atop the rise and made from local trees forming 
the structure of the house.

  Chickens to talk to.

 Lots of dogs to walk. 
5 dogs in fact. Rosie was in heaven.

 Boulders to climb and conquer.

Rocks to test all your superhero strength.

Caves to find. 

And hide in. 

What an extra special experience for city kids.
Rosie even brought home a souvenir . . . a tick!

Such an awesome place, this wide brown land. 

Spending just a little time "on the land" was a great experience for me too.

We listened to some songs from John Williamson's 
Warragull album in the car on the trip,
and his words are still ringing in my ears.

 . . . . And you're drowning in the sunshine
As it pours down from the sky,
And there's something stirring in your heart
Bright colours fill your eyes.
As from here to the far horizon
Your beauty does unfold,
And oh, you look so lovely
Dressed in green and gold.

To the homeless and the hungry
May we always open doors,
May the restless and the weary
Find safe harbour on our shores.
May she always be our dreamtime place
Our spirit's glad release,
May she always be our shelter
May we always live in peace.

May we always live in peace.

What a poet. 

What a day.

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