Thursday, January 10

Back to school LIFESAVERS!

This is a tribute to all those mums out there who will 
do anything to make the back to school slog easier.

Below are a few products I have found very useful in this process.

First of all, the non-spill Contigo Water Bottle:

It's spill proof and pretty tough. They come in a range of colours, sizes and even thermo ones that keep things cold or hot for 12 hours. I have one that I use for coffee and water, and it is fabulous. You can even buy the replacement lids. 
Find them at

Next are these great Fridge-to-Go lunchboxes:

They are insulated with a very slim ice brick inside the base. We pop ours in the freezer every night and it keeps lunch cold all day. Even the things that come home uneaten are still cold. They come in small, medium and large and a variety of colours. They are easy to clean and the ice brick is removable too. Find them at

And lastly these brilliant Spencil book covers:

They come in so many great colours and they fitted all our books really well.

Best part is you just slip them on the book and don't have to 
fuss around with contact or paper.
Also you can get different ones for each different book, 
so the kids get to know which book is for which subject or activity.

Last year I covered Eli's books with paper and they did not last the year. 
These are durable and fun. There are even matching stationary and pencil cases!


They are available online at or you can get them 
at the Newsagent at either Stafford City or Kmart Arana Hills.
So easy even the kids can do it!

Also when you are online check out the Best and Less Back-to-School site.

You can get all those other items like shorts and jumpers and hats that cost so much more from the school uniform shop. I found that I really had to shop around all of the other big retailers to find sizes and even then they did not have much of our school's colour.

It is all here in one place and they have free shipping - with conditions of course!

Hope your back to school slog is going well.

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