Thursday, March 1


We have been listening to some great kids music lately and this one is our new favourite.

It's a collaboration of Australian artisits who have made a tribute album 
to honour the 20th Anniversary of the Wiggles.
Each aussie band does a cover / new arrangement of a great Wiggles tune.

They are fabulous! Some of them are:
Hot Potato - The Living End
Getting Strong - Jebediah
Rock-A-Bye Your Bear - Spiderbait
I Love It When It Rains - Sarah Blasko
Wiggly Party - Architecture in Helsinki
Captain's Magic Buttons - Frenzal Rhomb
Our Boat Is Rocking On The Sea - Angie Hart
Cowboys and Cowgirls - The Audreys
And Eli's personal favourite: Wake Up Jeff! - Bluejuice

We love it!

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