Tuesday, October 11

Three Don Rex TV Chairs

The most recent acquisition in the land of the 60's house 
has been these three Don Rex TV Chairs.

Don Rex was and Australian furniture designer in the 1960's and many 
Aussie homes would have displayed one of his pieces, particularly his chairs.

These three chairs need a refurb, 
so I will be attempting to overhaul them myself.
I have come across a lovely blogger who has made an 
art form of bringing old things back to life and found that 
Don Rex makes an appearance in this post over at Flourish and Blume.

These girls have done some wonderful things to old chairs.

Check out one of a pair of chairs before:

And here they are after:

I only hope mine look that good at the end!

I will let you know how I go.

PS: Yes, there has been a lot of renos done 
in the last few weeks and the kitchen and bathroom are almost done.
I will post pics when it's completely finished - til then no peeking!

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