Thursday, August 25

Lego Love

Those of you who know my husband Luke, 
will know what a huge Lego fan he is. 
He has loved Lego all his life and still does.
And now Eli is following suit with just as much passion for all things Lego.

So visiting Lego Land this year on our trip overseas 
was a dream come true for both of them. 
Luke has been before [when he lived over there] 
but to take his kids was a new thrill all together.

I guess I should have realised just how important a part it would be in our lives when this vast Star Wars Lego collection came with Luke when I married him.

And now I am forever stuck building Lego cakes, 
swapping tiny, bald, yellow men's hair and pants,
and standing on all those little pieces on the bedroom floor in the dark.

Well, it could be worse I suppose. 
Since I do actually like the stuff and 
have fond memories of playing for 
hours with my brother. 
And for the record, I can still make a mean spaceship.

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