Sunday, August 21

The 60's house comes to life.

As we start to clean up and pull away years of over grown trees 
and thousands of dead leaves we are finding a house that just needs some love.

At the moment I am 
enjoying loving and spoiling this house with new gifts of furniture; pieces that are in tune with it's time and honour it's heritage.

This side board was purchased from a thrift store and when Luke and I saw it we both said at the same time
"Let's get it".

The floors of this diamond in the rough are glorious and so
are the light fittings.

The fine craftsmanship and attention to detail are stunning and unique.

But best of all it has a working fire place,
with very 60's brickwork and just right for toasting marshmellows.

Here's to hoping this 
grand old lady loves long baths and the odd glass of red wine. 
I get the feeling we might just be friends, her and I.

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  1. I feel like I'm on this journey with you since this is something I would dearly love to do! Keep the pics/posts coming. I'm so excited!!!