Sunday, June 5

Follow the "Black Cat" - Thursday is Lasagne.

I know that making Lasagne from scratch can be fiddly and very involved.
But it tastes so much better than the bought one and with a few "short cuts" 
you can make this in half an hour and have other meals ready to go.

You will need:
One batch of Meat Sauce [see below]
One pack of large Lasagne Pasta Sheets [dried or fresh]
One jar of Bechamel White Sauce
Grated Tasty Cheese.

First check out this post to get the Meat Sauce recipe.
Once a batch of this is ready the rest is just assembly.

Take your Lasagne sheets and a jar of Bechamel Sauce from the Supermarket.
This is your "Short Cut". Making white sauce from scratch is time consuming
and mine never really tastes that great anyway. I have since seen that 
proper chef's put it in the oven for hours to slowly cook out that floury taste. 
So . .  just buy it!

Follow the directions on the Lasagne sheets box, layering a little
Meat Sauce in the bottom of a large baking dish first
followed by pasta sheets, 1/3 meat sauce,
drizzle 1/3 Bechemel [white] sauce then pasta sheets again.
Keep layering and finally top with grated Cheese.
Yes, I buy that in a packet too! I keep it in the freezer.
You should have some meat sauce left over.
Bake in the oven at 180 degrees celsius for 45 minutes to an hour and it's done.

Once you have your Lasagne, you can save the left over 
Meat Sauce for the Burritos later in the weekly menu. 
I also like to add pureed carrots and sweet potato to the meat sauce
to get in a good douse of veggies. They will never know!

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