Monday, April 18

Thanks Coraline.


First day of the school holidays and Eli started going through 
his wish list for things to do on the Easter break.  

1: Go to work with Daddy.
2: Have a sleep over at Nanna Jill's house.
3: Go to the movies with Grandma Heather to see "Hop".
4: Have a friend from school over to play.
5: Go to a friends house to play.

So today was going into work with Daddy day and as usual Eli did some drawing,
some playing on the computer and then settled in to watch a movie.
For some unknown reason Luke chose the [un-previewed] kids animated movie "Coraline".
Half way through Eli turned to Luke completely distraught and sobbing.
Apparently this "kids movie" is super scary and not nice according to Eli.

He has been very upset all day and not wanting to go to sleep.
Coraline, as far as I can understand, looses her parents as she visits some parallel world;
and now Eli thinks he might loose us.

He does not bat an eye-lid watching "Harry Potter" but "Coraline" is the most scary movie in the whole world and "please mummy don't let me watch it ever again"!

Well I think both Daddy and Eli learned something today.
As Eli put it,
"Daddy should have asked you first mummy".

Let's hope "Hop" is ok.

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