Saturday, January 22

How did this happen?

Here he is - all ready for Prep in 2 days time.

This little man, who is our first. Our precious baby boy. So wanted and loved. A planned pregnancy that taught me just how much I was destined to be a mother [my body does pregnancy + breast feeding at 200%].

This boy who will always be the first Grandchild on both sides of the family, who was the best baby ever, especially after having Rosie! [She had reflux].

Who has ended up with all the curiousity, excentricity & interlect of his father with all the sensitivity, emotionality and love of people of his mother. 

This baby born 10 days after the due date & being induced.
This boy so at peace & at ease with the world when he was born, who now inquires about everything.

Who was born on a Tuesday
30th January 2006
at 9:21 pm in Room 5 at the Royal Brisbane.

This boy who turned one and could not yet walk,
but could make car noises and already had
that "boy affinity with sticks".

This boy who on his second birthday had a party at the Newmarket pool, just like his Dad did when he was two.

Who had 4 of his Great-Grandparents there to 
celebrate with him, and this photo with his
two Great-Grandfathers.

This boy who wanted 
a "Monster Party" 
for his third birthday. 
Who got so many presents 
that he cried cause he 
was so over opening gifts.
Who turned 4 this time last year, and spent the afternoon painting a big box in the yard with Aunty B and his sister. Who will be 5 in just over a week and is super super excited about his Superhero party.
Who asked me in the car yesterday 
"Mum when I turn 5 will you give me whatever I want?"

Who melts my heart every night when he tells me that he loves me so much and even when he says "Mum you are fat, but so sweet." Who is the apple of his father's eye and his best mate.

Who has a sister walking in his foot steps and 
eager to be just like him. Who actually thinks that her next birthday is her 4th one cause Eli is 4, so keen to grow up like him that we cannot convince her she is really going to be 3 this year. 

Who can't even try on his school clothes 
without her getting in on the act. 

Who is a big brother,
a almost 5 year old,
a Ferny Grove Preppie,
who will always be my baby.


  1. Sob. Sob. Sob.
    He looks so sweet and grown up in his uniform.
    He is such a precious boy.
    So glad to have been through this journey beside you :)
    All the best for Monday.

  2. Oh, school is another letting go but you get so much more again, another exciting part of the trip along the way with your wonderful little ones.

  3. 4 great-grandparents, so special! Such a loved boy. I'm sure he and his sister will be beautiful friends. It's great they are so close. You and Rosie wont quite know what to do with yourselves when he's at prep but I'm sure he'll have a blast and you two will enjoy the time too :)

  4. the tears are welling Bec!
    You'll just have to hop to it and make some more babies then eh? I like the 200% statistic and all that it implies. Enjoy the Rosie time and a boy who will sleep VERY well for the next few months at least xx