Sunday, December 26

12 Days of a Crafty Christmas.

 The Twelfth Day of a Crafty Christmas: Rainy Days

 This summer has been so wet and rainy! We have not done so many of the typical things we normally would do in the lead up to Christmas. No wandering the neighbourhood checking out the Christmas lights, no running thorugh the yard with water pistols in our togs, no picnics on the grass for Sunday lunch, no weekend trips to Sandgate. We have missed our usual December shinanigans, and so have had to find other more crafty inside things to do.

Here is our top ten crafty and creative things 
that have seen us through the wet weather:

1. Making Cubby Houses. 
Out of pillows, blankets, chairs, sheets and pegs. 
Have tea-party inside too.
This one is super cute from 

2. Hide and Seek.
Eli and Rosie developed Star Wars Hide and Seek,
both have lightsabers and when the seeker finds the person
hiding they have a duel to see who gets to hide again.

3. Drawing, Stamping and Painting.
New pens and stampers are such fun, 
and don't cost that much.
We have been making creatures out
of thumb prints. Colour in your thumb,
stamp it on the paper and decorate.

4. Movie Time.
 Toy Story 3 has been a favourite 
lately and Eli likes to watch it in 
different languages, like Spanish and French.
He likes here Buzz say "To infinity and beyond" in 
other languages. Rosie loves Tinkerbell.

5. Stories snuggled in bed
Doggies by Sandra Boynton is Rosie's favouite

And this one is Eli's - Whale Song by Dylan Shelton

6. Christmas Craft
Peg Christmas Tree from

7. Making Pizza Faces
Small size pita breads, 
vegies like capsicum slice for the mouth
grated carrot and cheese for hair, 
sliced cherry tomatoes for eyes.

8. Bathing Dolls & Washing Clothes
Give them dolls and barbies and their clothes
to scrub in a tub of warm soapy water. 
They will be at it for a good half an hour, 
and then to dry them. Our dolls and barbies
got a blow dry too!

9. You Tube Funnies
My kids will sit on my lap for ages,
one on each knee and watch cats 
and dogs and monkeys do stupid things.
They laugh themselves silly - and end up with hiccups.
Check these out.

10. And when all else fails  . . . go stomping in the rain!

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