Saturday, June 5

Something lost and something gained.

There has been a huge loss in our house this week.
Something that has been treasured and loved is gone. 
Something that has brought much comfort to both mother and child.

The "Dummy" has gone - Eli has given it up. He is four and a bit and finally, finally is ready to let it go. It came about because he has gone from sucking them to chewing them and peircing the rubber. This means spit collects inside it and well that is not nice. Germs and sickness and mold. YUCK! We took the old one away and tried to coax him into giving it up but tears and trantrums insued. Luke was away for the week so I was not going to have a recovering addict in my house without backup, so I went and he chose two more at the supermarket.
[I know this was not at all "good parenting" - what can I say but read on]

Within a few days the two new dummys had holes in them too, and he was complaining about it. He didn't want them with the holes in and one lunch time said he didn't want it to go to sleep with. Fine. He said the same thing that night.

Without a fight or any fuss he just stopped. Three nights later and no dummy still. I asked him about it, and we decided togehter that he must be too big for them cause he doesn't suck anymore, and chewing them puts holes in them. He seemed ok, he seemed ready. Just like that. One tired afternoon he had a few tears over it but got distracted easily and went to bed ok.  And so we thought a reward was in order. This new "big boy bike". For this boy who loved the comfort of the dummy, who would sit in front of the T.V without it and suck on his whole hand while a waterfall of spit ran down his arm. Who is so oral and sensory that he eats bugs and leaves still, at the age of four. I am so proud of him. I actually thought he might go to school with it next year. But no, instead he can ride his new bike with his friends and be ok without the need for a rubber comforter. Argh thank you God.

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