Wednesday, February 24

wink wink . . . its time for purple and pink!

Lately I have been indulging in more girlie colours and I have been drawn to pinks and purples.The dress I chose for my 30th birthday was a purple silk dress with flowers around the neckline, down the centre of the skirt and floating along the hem. I bought it from a little boutique called "Pink Ink" and whose tag line is "pink is the new black".
I also had a gift card to use up from DJ's and I found these cute Peter Alexander PJ's on sale. While I was taking these pictures George decided to come and sit on them - 
they must be comfy!

As a birthday treat I went and got massage and a pedicure. Of course I couldn't go past the purple nail colour! 

Not sure if it's the season of Lent that is inspiring this little fad but I am enjoying the splash of colour!

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  1. I'm hearing you! My theme for this year is 'Pink Makes Me Happy' and so I'm trying to buy more clothes in pink to remind myself that I am actually happy by nature. It's hard when I work in an office and the staples are greys and blacks, so I'm always looking out for bits and pieces I can tie into my wardrobe.

    I've always loved purple though, and adore the grape colour your dress is!