Wednesday, February 24

Thirty Years Young

Luke and I turned thirty years old this month.

Mine is 10th Feb and his is 25th, the fact that I am older should be abundantly clear, but rather than freak out we decided 
to embrace the milestone.
Our life together has been a great one so far.
He and the kids keep me feeling young and we laugh a lot. So our motto and theme for the party was "thirty years young". 

Large glass vases of lollies and chips decorated the art gallery space we hired for the event, and Luke set up the Wii for all those who love to play [and find social events difficult!]
We put up pictures of us through the years on the walls to add to the "gallery" feel and made features of the kiddie pools filled with ice and drinks.Watching everyone dig into the iced donut cake reminded me of the parties from when I was in primary school.

We had a wonderful night, chatting and enjoying 
the company of friends and family.

Who said turning 30 is scary!


  1. Looks like it was a great party!

    The volunteer group I coordinate is planning a photography exhibition for June to raise funds and awareness of African issues. Which gallery did you use, and did you think they were reasonable?

    (I love the M&M's!)

  2. Hope you both had a great night! Sorry we couldn't be there :0