Monday, October 19

the garage sale.

so we packed up all the baby gear and sorted it all out and layed it bare, for all to see and buy.

Our babies are no longer babies and it was kinda sad to see their tiny things up for sale. As I looked through their clothes and shoes I found it almost impossible to remember them ever being that tiny. Did they really fit into that? How did I ever dress a 00000 size baby girl? 

The tiny squeeking, the delicious smell of sweetness, the complete vulnerablity and dependance. There is no going back now. It's onward and upward to school and friends and sleepovers and complete vulnerablity and dependance!

In our renovations we had to remove the laundry door which has a very rough guide to growth of our babies Eli and Rosie. These tummy outlines are progressive with each pregnancy. The belly marks gave way to hands and heights. We will have to find another clean space to make new marks so we can continue to record these amazing lives.

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