Saturday, January 25

Handmade School Hair Ties

Not sure about your little treasure but my Rosie goes through lots of hair ties.

She also has lots of hair. 

Like me.

And it is often a struggle to get her to put it up for school, and for me to satisfy her inner-diva as she always wants it to look "amazing" and has a new style to try every week.

When I saw some ribbon at the local haberdashery shop [yes it's cute and very "Nanna"] that stocks all of our school uniforms, I thought I might have a go at making some school hair ties.

I checked on YouTube to find a tutorial about how to curl fabric ribbon, and it's really as simple as winding the ribbon around a stick and baking it!

So that's what I did.

I used a piece of bamboo garden stake I found in our yard supplies and cut it to size 
to fit on a baking tray. I wound the ribbon around the stick and used 
2 wooden pegs to fasten each end.

I placed it on the baking tray and baked at 200 degrees celsius for 25 mins.

After it has cooled you simply unwind it and your ribbon has a permanent curl.

Cut the ribbon into smaller lengths,  
put a few together and stitch them in the centre to fasten them.

I also made another design with some of the uncurled left over ribbon.

Then comes the attaching step.

You may choose hair ties or a clip perhaps to fasten your ribbons to,
but whatever you decide a hot glue gun makes easy work of it, messy but quick!

Once the glue is dry, that's it!

We tried them out and they passed the test . . .  she likes them!

Next time I might try a mixture of school colours.

Happy Sewing!

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