Friday, August 16

Back in the swing . . .

Lately I have been able to squeeze in some sewing time 
[mostly late into the night] and it reminds me how much I miss making things.

These are all presents for Rosie's friends.

While these singlets are really very simple, I have found that kids 
just  love to have 
their "Letter" on a shirt. 
They make a unique and personal gift for kids and adults alike.

And these felt crowns are super cute!
So many colours and designs to play with.

Rosie has helped with each one, picking the fabric and the designs for the shirts.
She even helped stitch around the felt leaves. 

With any luck she'll be making the gifts for her friends birthday parties soon!

1 comment:

  1. Won't that be great when they can make their own gifts! My girls loved (and wore to death) the singlets you made them!