Sunday, August 18

60's House - Update

The renovations of our 60's house have slowed somewhat, 
as we let life take over and enjoy just living here.

Our house still needs a lot of work and being patient about this 
is not my strong point but it is a lesson I am learning  . . . slowly.

We have added and completed many tasks in the last year, 
one of the major ones being the front deck.

We completed it just before Christmas last year and I have loved
how it has changed how we use the space. Outside is now inviting 
and used often for twilight dinners or picinic lunches on the weekends.

I love how, when we open up the large glass sliding door from the 
lounge room to outside, the kids footsteps don't even miss a beat 
as they run through; playing and enjoying both spaces.

Rosie refuses to call it a deck, she corrects us and insists that it's
called a stage instead. And there has been many a concert performance
in the last year believe me.

I also love that we built it ourselves. Luke and his ever brilliant design,
me and my motivational, rose coloured glasses outlook - pushing forward
to make it happen. The kids helping and laying out planks, countersinking
the screw holes. It is all of our sweat that made it happen. And now we 
get to enjoy it. And I can honestly say I can build a deck. 

And as we slowly plod through the never ending list of jobs that will 
invertibley take us years to complete, we take pleasure in the small things.

Like this great fabric that came to us as a present and made just the right
kind of artwork for our vast bedroom wall. Just the right shade of grey and
ever so retro in it's colour and patterns.

We take pleasure in the small things and learn to wait for the rest.

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  1. Ooo! I've been waiting on a reno update post, after seeing all your beautiful garden/outdoor space pins on pinterest the last few months! It look great. Especially for the Aussie outdoor entertaining life. Well done!