Friday, September 28

Han Solo and Princess Leia together forever . . .

It was bound to happen. The day when precious things get lost.
Luke and I have told the kids time and time again not to take their most favourite toys out with them but to no avail. Neither of them listen. And yes, we have lost things before but never such a dramatic or poetic fashion.

We have just spent the week at our usual camping spot Elanda Point which is on Lake Cootharaba and as usual the kids had packed a handful of Star Wars figurines to take along.
During the week a large group of us packed up some morning tea and headed out to go on a canoe / kayak expedition across the lake and of course some toys came too. Rosie had Princess Leia and an Ewok and Eli took Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. 

In the canoe on the way across the lake Princess Leia was swimming in the water and "went to be a mermaid with the fishes". Rosie did look a little sad and forlorn for the last part of the trip. But then, not long after we had made peace with the situation, had some morning tea and boarded the boats to return back across the lake, Eli lost Han Solo to the depths of the lake also. 

I saw his face as I arrived back to the beach, all was not well. After a few moments of silence and a very sombre mood, he spoke. "Well Mummy, at least they are together. Princess Leia and Han Solo are in love, so they can be lost in the lake together . . . forever. Do you think they will find each other?" 

I could only say one thing, "Yes darling I do."

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  1. Oh that is so bittersweet! I had to laugh at the image though. My favourite couple! I am a Star Wars nerd through and through. Love your munchkins