Friday, June 29

While the cat's away #2

These school holidays it is yet again the Daddy who is doing the 
stay-at-home job of looking after the kids while I go to work. 

For two whole weeks!

And they have been up to some mischeif.

 MONDAY: Building cubby houses with sheets and having tea parties inside.

TUESDAY: Making cakes and eating them.

WEDNESDAY: A visit to the Science Center

 And then out to Vapiano in the City for dinner!

 THURSDAY: Some dancing, some doctors kit dress-ups and some decorating.

 After a trip to IKEA and some hard work by Daddy, 
Rosie's new room is complete . . . well almost.
After being together in the same room since Rosie was born, 
we having finally got the kids in their own rooms.

And FRIDAY: Well the short story is Daddy booked tickets 
to see Cirque Du Soleil but after getting all dressed and ready, 
Eli  . . . yes Eli reads the ticket and calls out in the car 
as we are about to leave "It says JULY"!

So instead we made a visit to see our friends new puppy.


Hope your holidays have been full of mischief!

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