Thursday, April 12

60's House: PAINT!

We spent the Easter break painting the 60's House.
Some break ... painting with 2 kids but we did it. 

Our colour scheme tries to reflect the original exterior colours.

Very similar to this great picture I found on this site about retro renovation.

Before we painted  . . .

 And after.

And a touch of 60's mustard yellow and chocolate brown.
For good retro measure.


  1. I used to hate the holidays that mum and dad kept us home to 'help around the house' instead of going camping. But it was on those holidays that I learnt to paint a house properly and do any number of useful things that I am so proud to be able to do. I just love the story of your house coming back to life, thanks for sharing Bec.

  2. Wow. Smashing. Totally love it!