Wednesday, January 4

12 Days of a Crafty Christmas.

The 1st & Final Day of a Crafty Christmas: Back to the beginning! 

As the New Year began for our family last year
we celebrated the birth of baby Evie, 
on 1st January 2011.
A much loved niece and cousin,
my brother James and 
his wife Michelle's first child.

She was super super cute and tiny and so wonderful to my kids 
who just adored her in all her newness.
The love has only grown and now this baby can move and play too!

This year as the clock struck midnight to click over to 
2012 we had New Years Day 1st Birthday Celebrations 
to get excited about.

Eve turned one and there was a party.
A grand butterfly princess party and boy
does this girl know how to have a good time!

She even had her very own cake to get stuck into.

Thinking back it cannot possibly be one year
or 12 months or even 365 days ago that she was born.
But yet here we are - back to the beginning of another year,
and the older I get the more I see circles forming 
[not just under my eyes] but in my life. 
Around and around we go.
Swings and roundabouts.
Back to the beginning.

PS: You might have noticed that I also need to learn how to count this year.
In my series of the 12 Days of a Crafty Christmas 
there are two 4th Days  . . . so sorry, 
just an added bonus!

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